Frequently Asked Questions

Why participate in the beta phase?

To be a part of the team in helping us, through your input, improve the app’s design, usability and value. For participating, you will be given a premium membership soon after the beta phase.

What is included in the beta release?

The beta release will include all academic discovery services found in the premium membership plan. The premium-plus membership plan service features will not be apart of the beta phase. It will be released seperately.

When will the beta phase begin?

Vivpra beta app is schedule to be released soon. To date, we have been on track due to hard work and diligence to not miss any critical dates. As with any software effort, this is always a potential challenge.

How do I get started?

Vivpra will send out an email detailing how to activate the beta membership on the day the beta app is released. We will also provide instructions on how to communicate with our design team with your feedback through out the beta phase period.

When does my free membership begin?

You may activate your premium membership anytime after the app is formally launched to the general public at your choosing for the allotted membership period.