San Diego

Who We Are

Vivpra was founded to help families and students navigate the complex college discovery process to find best-value and best-fit bachelor degree options based on a student’s career desire, GPA, test scores and academic achievements.

Our mission is to create, innovate, and provide a valuable career-focused undergraduate discovery platform to answer the question:

"What are the best undergraduate programs for my academic qualifications to prepare and start my career?"

Our commitment is to remove uncertainty with relevant, student specific, unbiased information that is easy to understand and assess; not wading through academic lists and spending enormous time sifting through an overwhelming amount of difficult to understand academic information.

What we do

Simply put, with technology we streamline the process of discovering best-value and best-fit bachelor degree program options using our recommendations AI engine to compared personalized options side-by-side. Decision making can be complicated and overwhelming, but with our app students can discover bachelor degree programs easily and with confidence.

Vivpra at a Glance

Vivpra is a privately held software startup company based in San Diego, CA USA. The company develops education and career discovery software apps and a backend content management platform.